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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 5, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PST

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half of the people in the country don't pay income tax and allows for abuse ins the system to fester. he's going to be talking to me exclusively, he rarely talks to the press, on monday fbn. we're about your money. fox continues now. leland: week three of the partial government shutdown in washington. changing of the guard in congress, but both ends of pennsylvania avenue appear no closer to a deal. >> president trump underlining the need for wall funding in a series of tweets from the white house this morning, while across the street at the old executive office building, the vice-president meeting with congressional leadership staff to try and bring an end to this shutdown standoff. welcome, everyone to american news headquarters in washington i'm gillian turner. leland: nice to be with you, nice to be with you at home. across washington, parks, the smithsonian museum shut down on what would be a normally busy day for thousands of visitors in our nation's capital.
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for that we'll bring in ellison barber for the congressional side of this and there's a lot of congressmen who are back in their districts. >> conversations going on, but the president is considering declaring a national emergency to build the wall and democrats are pushing back and calling it a terrible eyed and questioning the legality of it. >> and the president submitted a pentagon budget and the number is 20 billion total out of the defense budget to build a wall. i think it would harm readiness and our military. >> democratic leaders said they agreed to continue conversations with the white house and cannot resolve this until the government is open. the top two leaders from the right and the left in the house and senate spent roughly two hours at the white house yesterday meeting with president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer said they told the president, pleaded with him to end the partial shutdown and
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then continue discussions. >> he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time, months or even years. we'll continue discussing, of course, but it's very hard to see how progress will be made unless they open up the governme government. >> republican leaders described this meeting a little bit differently. >> there's places that we can find common ground. the president was very strong, what he needs to have happen here. we need border security. we want the government to open. it's about securing this country. the secretary of homeland security has made it clear, what it's going to take to secure our border. president trump is following through. >> those guys said that the meeting was productive. now some republicans are talking about trying to combine a border security, a physical barrier, with something that deals with deferred action for childhood
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arrival, so-called dreamers who have temporary protected status, but for now, it deal seems far away. leland: when you can't agree on how a meeting went, it's difficult to agree what's going to happen out of the meeting. ellison barber, thank you very much. gillian. >> the partial government shutdown is now in day 15. president trump is still here in washington. he's tweeting about it from the white house and meanwhile, across the street at eisenhower building, negotiations are underway today between the vice-president, the acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney, jared kushner and a host of congressional aides. our own kevin corke is in the middle, in the thick of it. what's the scoop? >> just a stone's throw over at eeov, the meetings are underway. back to work, looking for solutions. and that's what white house officials say is happening here, not just at the white house where the president is reaching out to law makmakerlawmakers, b.
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the white house and congressional aides are getting together after the contentious situation room meeting yesterday, the president said listen, it wasn't easy, but at the very least it was productive and said as much in the rose garden following the gathering, but as we have heard him say before, listen, it's going to take more nan just words, it's going to take action. let me take you to his twitter feed to give you a sense of one thing he's thinking about. the democrats want billions of dollars in foreign aid and don't want to spend a small fraction of properly securing our border. figure that one out. here is the president. >> i think i'll be more proud if we can have great border security for the first time in, really, the history of our country. the southern border is a dangerous, horrible, disaster. we've done a great job, but you can't really do the kind of job
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we have to do unless you have a major powerful barrier, and that's what we're going to have to have. >> you heard him put it that's what we're going to have to have. and can he get the democrats leaders to move a bit. the president is headed up to camp david for a little working session with his colleagues, and obviously, the senior cadre as they look forward to solidifying the 2019 agenda, hopefully it will include a pathway to end the partial government shutdown, gillian. >> kevin, you are in shutdown central, and the bombs lobbed back and forth. leland: and evidently the tsa is feeling the partial shutdown. for those of you flying this weekend, the agency says there's an increasing number of agents
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calling out sick, tens of thousands of tsa agents are forced to work without pay, however, dhs press secretary issued a tweet, calling the sickout nonexistent and security will not be compromised during the shutdown. >> and the tsa isn't the only federal agency feeling the effects. shutdown. most irs operations have also stopped under the shutdown, meaning more than $140 billion in tax returns could be delayed or frozen if this extends into february. that's bad news for lots of americans. food stamps 38 million low income americans could face reductions, if the shutdown goes until march. though, the agriculture department says the benefit will still be provided through january. that's this month. most benefits will also be paid through february. and proceedings in federal court have slowed as government lawyers are asking for more delays. federal district courts are open for the time being, but funding
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could run dry by next week. leland: with that we bring in the new house budget committee chairman john yarmouth from kentucky. nice to see you here. pick up where ellison barber left off. when leadership can't agree how the meeting went, much less principle agreement points out of the meeting. it seems like a long way off. >> it sounds like we're a long way off. it's sad because what happened was, as most people know, the senate, a couple of weeks ago, passed by unanimous vote the funding for a temporary period of time to get these negotiations done and not shut the government down. leland: but-- >> those were always-- >> congress monday, isn't that-- >> an all republican bill. leland: isn't that disingenuous though? the idea somehow negotiations are going to happen and things are going to get done. there have been years to deal with this. comprehensive immigration reform has been on the table since the
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mid 2000's and congress hasn't been able to agree on it, really, a couple week extension of only the republicans passed things, suddenly there was going to be a deal? come on. >> no, as a matter of fact, i was in the group of eight in 2013 that negotiated for seven months on comprehensive immigration reform and it's tragic that we didn't get that bill to the floor. it had passed the senate on a bipartisan basis we would have resolved many of the issues right now and there was very, very substantial border security provisions in both the senate bill and the house bill that we developed. but what happens in congress is that, if the administration wants money for something, they come to congress, they testify, they make a case for the money they want. we don't write blank checks for 5.7 billion dollars without having any backup or detail. and that's what the president is asking us to do, that's not the way it works, we have learn how government functions. leland: we have brought that up and asked those questions in terms of exactly what the wall looks like, where it's going to
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be, how tall. et cetera, to that point. this brings up an interesting point. you say 5.6 billion for the wall, democrats agree that border security is worthwhile and something that's in need of funding. >> absolutely. leland: it the government shutdown now essentially over semantics? any border security includes physical barriers that can be walls and things that look like walls. where is the disconnect here? >> well, the disconnect, actually, leland, we have a president who will never really let us know exactly what he wants and is willing to change his mind or is apt to change his mind on a whim. if we knew what his negotiating position really was, if mitch mcconnell had known what his negotiating position really was we might have avoided the shutdown and that's the problem. leland: congressman, the negotiation position is pretty clear. he wants more money for a wall, a physical barrier, something
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that is going to keep people from crossing the border. is that a problem? what's the problem in that? >> well, the problem is that the vice-president came to the hill and said, well, we'll take 2.5 billion and mick mulvaney said we'll take 2 point something billion and i president said no, it's 5.7 or 6 billion-- >> congressman. >> the positions are all over the place. leland: the positions of the white house may be a little bit all over the place, but nancy pelosi says not one dollar for the wall and calls the wall immoral. so if you've got leadership saying that something is immoral how do you do that in good faith? >> she's willing to negotiate. you don't negotiate in the media. you take your position. leland: but congressman, it's your leadership who is negotiating in the media. it's nancy pelosi who said that the wall is immoral. . >> yeah, well, i don't know that an inanimate object can be
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immoral so i probably would differ on that characterization, but-- >> and the grammar distinction is impressive. >> right, i've been to the border and talked to the border patrol people and they say that barriers, whatever, however you want to characterize the barrier, are effective in one thing and one thing only, they don't keep people out, they slow people down, they slow people down and when they're trying to cross the border so they can be apprehended so the question is, where do you put it? you know, we've got one representative in congress, a republican named will herd who represents 820 miles of the border and is against the wall. leland: he's against the wall. he's against a wall from the gulf to the pacific, whether or not he's against increased physical barriers in other place, i think he would tell you he is. the government and policy side of this. there's the political side and the political argument of this and republicans making a new argument. listen to marsha blackburn, the
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new senator from tennessee. >> what you're seeing is that because we have this open border, you have every town a border town and every state a border state, and these gangs and drug traffickers, human traffickers, sex traffickers are coming to a community near you. leland: spent a good amount of time in the great state of kentucky, moreover in lexington man louisville, but folks there you talk to, they're concerned about this as well. does she have a point that every state is now becoming a border state? >> well, i wouldn't describe kentucky as a border state although we were in the civil war, but, no, i don't know what-- that doesn't make any sense to me. you know, we do know that there are certainly some bad people who try to come across our borders. but we don't have a crisis on the border and-- >> we don't, really? we don't have a crisis on the
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mexican border? >> no, illegal border crossings are at a historic low level. leland: do we have an immigration crisis? >> yeah, we have a broken immigration situation. leland: we don't have a crisis on the border? >> we need to fix the amnesty procedures. we need to fix the guest worker programs and we need to fix border security and fix a lot of stuff, unfortunately, again, we tried five years ago and couldn't get it done. we need to try it again. leland: good point. better luck this time, sir. we appreciate it and when you get back to d.c. we'll check back with you. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. leland: equal time coming up. we'll cross the aisle and talk to republican congressman steve womack of arkansas who was the budget chairman in the last congress. >> at this hour, three people are now dead and four injured after a shooting in a bowling alley near los angeles.
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today, live on the ground with the latest, jeff? >> this happened in the city of torrance, just south of los angeles inside a packed bowling alley. witnesses say there was some sort of argument and an eruption of complete chaos. those inside believe there was first a huge brawl that lasted about five minutes and then heard several shots fired. several witnesses say they did their best to either take cover or run as fast as they could to the nearest exit during the shooting. investigators say the three killed were all men and died on scene. four other people were injured and police are still working to identify who's responsible for pulling the trigger. >> we're definitely looking at at least one shooter. we do have people that are down, and three did pass away and that's the biggest concern. we want to do the best we can to identify the suspects and hopefully bring resolution to this case. >> now, we just checked in with a torrance police sergeant who
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tells us the stohooter is unkno. and we've learned that the bowling alley have security guards, but unsure if they're typically armed. gillian. >> thanks for that and for sharing that footage with us, that nightmarish footage. we'll check with you later. leland: senator elizabeth warren's media blitz in iowa as she lays the groundwork for a possible presidential run in 2020. she's got a series of questions for voters. >> what's happening to working families in america? why has america's middle class been hollowed out? what's happening to opportunities in this country? >> plus, president trump says north korean leader kim jong-un wants to meet one-on-one with him again. general jack keane to talk about the efforts to bring down the tensions on the korean peninsula and fallout after a freshman democrat in the house calls for impeachment with a certain
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>> back when i was in middle school and my mom got that minimum wage job. a minimum wage job in america would support a family of three. today a minimum wage job in america full-time will not keep a mama and a baby out of poverty. and that is wrong, and it's why i'm in this fight. leland: elizabeth warren this morning in sioux city, iowa after announcing she's setting up a presidential exploratory committee, a whirlwind tour of iowa began last night and includes two more stops today and more tomorrow. and joining us now is the democratic strategy, blake rutherford and former spokesman for obama for america and
9:21 am
onmessage, zack, since you got up early in the morning you get to go first from the west coast. let's start with this. on message, elizabeth warren's message is not the hope, change, positivity that we heard from obama '08, obama 12. >> i think that's a correct assessment. i think in some respects part of the calculus, the blue states are still going to vote for their candidate, quite frankly, how do you flip back the states the industrial states in the midwest. hers would be tailored to winning, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, i don't know if ohio is a possibility. it seems like her message is tailored toward that industrial midwest and rust belt state area. leland: blake, you raised money for hillary clinton and part of her campaign in pennsylvania, used to live up there.
9:22 am
is this enough of a populist message to win back the coal miners and the rust belt industrial workers in western pa? >> in some ways, it is, it's predicated on rebuilding the middle class, which is going to be a popular theme in the course of the democratic primary, but it also dove tails nicely with president trump not delivering for folks in pennsylvania, for folks in the industrial midwest who expected more out of this presidency and they're looking at their pocketbooks, not seeing the income growth and job growth and elizabeth warren is speaking to those residents. leland: at the same time she's going back to so much of the culture wars, sort of ideas that donald trump ran against. >> well, i wouldn't-- i don't know that i would
9:23 am
characterize it as a culture war. i mean, i think there's a very, you know, distinct audience for her message. i think zack is exactly right. and i think to a degree, to focus her early attention on the middle class is certainly a contrast to president trump and i think is important if she's going to differentiate herself without making her campaign just about trump, which we know as a result of 2016, it's not effective for the democrats. leland: well, i think everyone can agree it wasn't effective in 2016. democrats on the trail are going to have to answer for the most extreme in your party. alexandria ocasio-cortez coming up in 60 minutes, listen to the preview. >> when you have a progressive tax rate system your tax rate, let's say from zero to $75,000
9:24 am
may be 10% or 15%, et cetera. but once you get to like the tippy tops on your ten millionth dollar sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60 or 70%. that doesn't mean all 10 million are taxed at an extremely high rate, but it means as you climb up this ladder, you should be contributing more. leland: boy, blake, i bet you can't wait for what else comes out on sunday night. >> well, again, you know, we'll certainly see-- i haven't seen the entire interview so i'm commenting of course on a clip, but it's getting a lot of play. and so, i think we'll have to see. again, i think the democrats have a real challenge in both within the party, but also in this primary, which is how far to the left are they willing to go to secure the nomination. things like this, of course, require democrats to respond. is it the kind of thing they
9:25 am
want to be responding to right now? i'd argue the answer to that is no. leland: zack, do you agree with that assessment? >> i do agree with that assessment. the four challenges any candidate would have now would be money, organization, messaging, the unknown because these campaigns are so darn long, people say and do things they probably wished they wouldn't. but the messaging side of it, what do you say in a primary that actually resonates to a broader base in the general election. right now in both parties it seems like a strong movement back towards the base and messaging, how it translates toward, again, those industrial midwest swing states that will make the decision is a difficult thing to know. leland: how worried should democrats be that whoever the nominee is, alexandria ocasio-cortez seems to be the most outspoken of the freshmen, is going to be hung around their neck? >> well, i-- >> sorry. >> go ahead. >> go ahead, zack. >> oh, i think that actually, i mean, this is no different from
9:26 am
the way that the freedom caucus really helped drive a lot of the narrative for the republican party this 2016. it's realistic, there's a very, very strong active base in the democratic party, but as we also saw, a lot of these races were localized in the 2018 midterm elections where a lot of the messaging was focused around health care and the local economic situation. i think as long as the presidential campaign sticks to that, i think they've got a good shot. if they go pretty hard on the base they'll have a hard time winning back the industrial and the rust belts. >> the freedom caucus was helpful in 2016. one could argue how helpful to the republicans in 2012. zack, blake, appreciate having you both. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. gillian: our top story to look at efforts to end the partial shutdown. the republican perspective on the shutdown.
9:27 am
the house committee ranking member steve womack. thank you for your time. we spoke with your replacement as a chairman a few moments ago. he says when it comes to a wall, a wall really only does one thing which is slow people down. he says it does not keep people out, it only slows them down. what do you say to that? >> well, they've provided under the trump presidency, over $2 billion in border security funding, they've helped us provide that amount of border security funding in the first couple of years of the trump presidency. look, they're opposed to this wall because walls work. walls form a barrier that allows for at least a sovereign nation to be able to protect itself from the influx of not just people who are undocumented, but the flow of drugs, human trafficking, terrorist activity that infiltrates our country from our porous southern
9:28 am
borders. so with all due respect to my friend from kentucky walls work and they have supported wall funding in the past and no reason they shouldn't be supporting wall funding now. gillian: what about the idea from democrats that maybe they would support a wall of some kind, we're not entirely sure what it looks like, made up, maybe it's a fence, maybe it's steel, concrete, but we're certainly not going to spend nearly $6 billion on it, that's a bill the american people don't want to foot? >> well, this is a $4 trillion plus federal budget and to say that $5 billion is too much money to be spending for border security is just simply a statement that is without merit. the fact is, we have a problem on our southern border. it's manifesting itself in horrific ways, you know, we talked a week ago about the murder in newman, california. the fact that we had a couple of kids out of the caravan, malnourished and unhealthy and
9:29 am
died under our care under the fact there's a promise you're going to be able to come across our border without detection or without problems. we need to send a message to our neighbors to the south that we are a nation of laws. it's part of our genius as a country, that we have these laws, and these laws should be supported. my friends on the other side of the aisle are looking the other way when it concerns the security of our southern border and it's, i think it's just irresponsible that they continue to block the opening of the remainder of the 25% of government over the fact that they don't want to spend money on a wall, which i think it's about the fact that they don't want to give president trump any semblance of a victory. gillian: now, congressman, if the wall is so crucial to the security of the nation, are you willing to considering pairing it up with daca? that's an old democratic idea that kind of came back on the table this week. the idea that if president trump
9:30 am
wants five and a half billion dollars or any number of billions of dollars for this wall, he's got to commit to maintaining daca? >> gillian, i'm not in the conversations that are going on between the leadership, but in any serious negotiation, both sides have to go something that they want. now, if they're going into the negotiations determining this is what we're not going to be willing to do, ie, give president trump any kind of a victory, then this is a flawed negotiation. but if both sides come to the table and say, there are things we want, members on our side would like to have border security. members on the other side would like to have relief for daca. maybe some other immigration reforms, this is the opportunity for us to come to the table and get those. gillian: all right, congressman womack, thanks for your time today. it sounds like there are bridges to be joined together, but we'll have you back to talk about it. >> great to be with you, gillian. gillian: we will be back after the break. stick with us.
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>> freshman members of the 116th congress were sworn in this week. some of the new faces have wasted no time making their voices heard on capitol hill. garrett tenney has more on how the brand new congress is taking on president trump directly. >> this freshman class of congress includes a wave of progressive lawmakers who ran on shaking up the status quo. and a few hours after being sworn in, detroit congresswoman rashida tlaib made a profanity laced statement on president trump. >> we're going to (bleep). >> those overshadowed the carefully crafted new congress. a number of democrats criticized her statements as wrong and disrespectful. she doubled down tweeting i will always speak truth to power.
9:36 am
#unapologetically me. divisive among the democrats, are concerned that could heard the chance to retake the white house. and it's what the freshmen aggressively campaigned on. and alexandria ocasio-cortez looked at a new deal for climate change and inequality and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and paying for it by raising taxes on the most wealthy from 60 to 70%. on an interview with 60 minutes, she welcomes the label of being radical. >> i think that it only has ever been radical sort of change for this country. abraham lincoln made the radical decision to sign the ema emancipation proclamation. and franklin delano roosevelt for social security, that's
9:37 am
radical. >> last year, republican president trump lowered the tax to 37% so the plan would nearly double that. her calls for a green new deal are embraced by some potential presidential candidates, elizabeth warren and cory booker. and it's not going away soon. gillian: with six or seven words, rashida tlaib has blown up the divisions among the democrats and the caucus on impeachment. so it's going to be in the spotlight for some time. thank you so much. leland: joining us to weigh in, you listened to alexandria ocasio-cortez, should we look at mt. rushmore and reserve a spot? >> i think she's up there with roosevelt and lincoln. leland: high cotton for a freshman three days in. >> listen she's got the media coverage and there's room for
9:38 am
her raising money for them. more power to them. leland: some democrats are shaking their heads, please no more. please how can we get her off the airwaves. now every democrat is having to answer for the most extreme among them. >> this is a sort of inverse with what happened with republicans as well where we had republicans who were very much against barack obama and wanted to move us in a very different direction, that he would move in the country and a lot of people thought the mainstream republicans were stuck with that messaging. so, this is sort of two sides of the same coin. leland: you think about it though, in terms of history, rhyming, if not repeating itself. you can argue the impeach trump is similar to some of the calls about birtherism and other kinds of issues. what is the danger for republicans here and how do they block and tackle? >> i don't think the republicans are actually in danger with this
9:39 am
message right now. republicans, especially in the house are in a pretty good position. they're very good when they're in the minority, actually i think they're better as a minority party in the house because they've got something to work against and they've got nancy pelosi and more extreme members, maxine waters has been calling for the impeachment of president trump before he was inaugurated. if they're moving in that direction, i'm reluctant to give democrats advice, but-- . they're not listening. leland: a lot, go ahead. >> i'll say the same thing i said to my friends on the right, don't try to defeat barack obama with the birth or-- the fact is, we've had one of the greatest jobs report in decades. there is more manufacturing jobs than we've seen since the '90s. the democrats need a magic wand
9:40 am
for, go after his policies if you can. leland: something doing that is elizabeth warren and she's talking about this middle class, class warfare, economic-- >> in a way. leland: and it's resonating. they wouldn't do this if you didn't have a focus group. >> she's talking the strength of the minimum wage. donald trump did not promise middle america, ohio, wisconsin, iowa, the american dream is not i want that minimum wage job and feed my family. that's artificial. raising minimum wage is not a way to grow the economy it's a way to give money to lower income people. leland: so following this to its logical conclusion, if 2016 rhymes, 2012 rhymes with 2020, if democrats go after president trump on the policies rather than impeachment and rather than
9:41 am
those issue and goes after him on 70% taxes, is that a winning strategy for democrats? >> i think that donald trump and the republican in general are in good shape for 2020 because she's delivering on his promises and resonating with jobs and our economy. leland: what if he doesn't get the wall? >> i think that he will get the wall actually and if he doesn't there's one person to blame for it and that's chuck schumer and democrats in the senate. so, to come back here-- >> would it now be nancy pelosi to blame? >> we can blame her as well, too. they did have a bill sitting there and chuck schumer-- that said, let me say that i think the best possible i think this the democrats can do is talk about policy and frankly the best thing for the american people. don't talk about vladimir putin, don't talk about russia, don't talk about misogyny. talk about what matters to the american people and we will have a robust debate in 2020. leland: it's already started. >> it will be a fun couple of
9:42 am
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>> an editorial in a north korea state run newspaper warns the u.s. not to get in the way of its relationship with south korea. this as president trump mentions the possibility of a second meeting with dictator kim jong-un. joining us is four star general and strategies general jack keane. nice to see you. >> same to you, gillian. gillian: they come out and basically barbs the united states. the president is talking how kim sent him a lower and there's all this progress. where is the ground truth
9:47 am
between this. >> i think fundamentally we're stalemated. clearly there's been progress and no nuclear ballistic missile testing, return of remains, return of hostages, and rail lines, limited return of north korean, south korean families, that's progress, but no progress on the core issue, denucle denuclearizati denuclearization. not a single nuclear missile or ballistic missile has been disarmed or destroyed. gillian: does that surprise you? >>, they have not returned the inventory of weapon sites, much less than a plan to disarm them and destroy them in front of independent inspectors. so, we're still in some respects on the core issue, we're still at the start point. although there's progress made tangentially around that issue.
9:48 am
gillian: it sound like you're saying there's progress, but not on the issues we care about. are there in the near future cause havoc and destruction around the world? that's what people are worried about not these-- >> i agree with you. and opposed to have yous agreeing to visit kim jong-un. he wants that visit because it helps with the world stage and helps with his domestic audience, being a prominent leader, quote, unquote. let's not give him that. let's get a concession out of him like the list of your program before we have a visit with him. gillian: you don't think that the president should meet with him? >> i think he should leverage the visit. kim jong-un wants the visit more than we want it. gillian: and while you're here, big news, big announcement on syria out of the white house, the president wants to bring all the troops home. where do you think the-- you know, he's gotten so much
9:49 am
blowback from different, from the hill, from the military, from former military, from the foreign policy community. do you think his thinking is tempered at all? where do you think he is now on syria? >> i think there wasn't a lot of explanation about it. it was just a decision to leave. the president has revisited this issue in some degree of depth and the administration will be imposing conditions before we pull all of our troops out. and those conditions are, number one, we're going to finish isis for sure, and there's still work to be done there and fierce fighting going on the last two to three months on the syria-iraqi border. number two, we want to protect the syrian kurds. tens of thousands of syrian kurds have been fighting for four years and we're not going to abandon them to the turkish maligned behavior. the third thing we want to curb iran's aggressiveness in syria and deny them the land bridge
9:50 am
and also we do not want the oil fields currently in eastern syria, under u.s. influence, syrian kurds and arabs are in control of them and u.s. influence we don't not want them falling into the hands of the iranians. gillian: all of the things that you laid out, do you think this is why general mattis ended up leaving the administration? >> i don't know for sure why jim left. i talked to him the day before hess resignation letter and i didn't have any understanding that he was going to leave. i think my own speculation, asking me for an opinion, i'll give it. i think there was a pattern that was developing where i think jim probably recognized he was not on the same page with the president and therefore, his influence was waning. gillian: well, general, thank you so much for your time today and we love your perspectives and even your opinions are valuable to us. so thank you. >> thanks, gillian. gillian: ahead, an unseasonally
9:51 am
warm winter in d.c. adam klotz will jo inus from the extreme weather center with weather across the country. >> it's warm across the country. but this is going to turn into a winter storm. i'll have the details coming up. newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. why rent when you can buy? newday's operation home is real. so spread the word! go to or call 1-855-623-1397
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leland: january is still abnormally warm to meters across country talking mid-forties, 44 degrees stretch back to chicago. approaching 50 degrees this afternoon plenty of spots in the upper midwest up into the 40s and 50s. abnormally warm for the severe couple systems paying attention to but hard to see snow with those temptress. a raw, rainy day across portions of the mid-atlantic stretching into new england on the upper edges of the system cold enough to produce no mostly rain big winter system we pay attention to out on the west. rounds of showers from southern help when you to northern governor and into pacific northwest. when you initially had the land that will be rain with elevations and temperatures drop and does become a winter system. winter storm watches in northern california into portions of southern oregon. spot where if you're at these elevations and go skiing it will be a big snowball area.
9:56 am
looking at widespread but if so getting up to 2 feet of snow this will be large system here over the next couple of days. it will run for the middle the country but for everyone else join enjoy those weren't temptress. gillian: thank you for that, adam. funeral services for saint the california police officer killed in the line of duty. claudia's life from the show where the communities is gathering to honor his wife. claudia. reporter: law-enforcement from around the country and in canada have gathered here to pay their final respects. will have the service coming up just ahead. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪
9:57 am
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10:00 am
leland: boxes alert, modesto, california, 10:00 a.m. pacific time the services just getting in underway for corporal ron thing was shot and killed last week by an illegal immigrant. we leave behind a wife and young child and we now will monitor his funeral service from modesto, california. listening specifically for taking the time to honor for a man who stood for so much what was right in this world but taken too soon from us by what is wrong in our world. the contrast between right and wrong is a framework i'd like to
10:01 am
use to offer hope and perspective on how we can move forward from an impactful, painful loss such as the loss. what's wrong with the world is that far too often those who love are taken from us by the selfish acts of others. but what is right in the world is that there are those like corporal thing with me personal commitment to not let the darkness with which some operate extinguish the right they have to offer. what is wrong with the world is that too often those who stepped up to serve and give so much to the fellowman are taken advantage of by those who refuse to pull their own weight. what is right in the world is that there are people like him who understand what it means to be a productive member of society and willing to work in double time to make up for those who never will.
10:02 am
what is wrong with the world is frequently even the institutions and bodies we entrust with providing an environment in which the american dream where those who choose to get on board and work to create a land where ultimate freedom in order peacefully coexist can truly become a reality and oftentimes what is created instead is a culture where what we say we value most is not rewarded and it is punished or look down upon. what is right in the world is that there are those who inspire choose to work hard even in the face of opposition because they believe in a dream so strongly and will not let anything stop them from working towards what they believe is right. what is wrong with the world is that police officers, sheriffs deputies and other barbers and officers are viewed under a microscope question on every single one of a million decisions they will make in their career and sometimes made to be the enemy. at times by the very people they
10:03 am
are sworn to protect but what is right in the world that there are officers like corporal thing. he wanted to be home at christmas night with his wife and young son but instead made a selfless choice to serve all his community knowing there were more many more than just his own family needed his protection that night. corporal perennial is a shining example of what is right in our world into my brothers and sisters, so are you. i know that he suffered a loss leaves a whole. leland: the world we learn about life and service of corporal singh the more we realize we are in his debt. funeral service is getting underway for the police corporal killed on christmas night in modesto, california, 10:00 a.m. pacific, 1:00 p.m. here in washington. i'm leland vittert. we keep an eye on the services and so emotional during the couple of days after his
10:04 am
shooting not only do we see the press conference with the sheriff and police chief both brought to tears at the podium but his brother as well. gillian: in the aftermath of his passing has been contentious for lawmakers here in washington. corporal singh family members and share their and police chief has said they believe his death was preventable and that's been a big, big threat of dissension here in washington. keep an eye on this throughout the rest of the hour. welcome to "america's news headquarters". i'm gillian turner. leland: with that we bring in claudia outside of the funeral in modesto, california. claudia, it's telling how many mourners from around the state and country have come out. reporter: several thousand mourners. good morning to you. it's a gray, wet and rainy here in modesto and the mood fits is california's central valley
10:05 am
remembers one of its finest. a true hero and an american patriot. a take you back live inside the church here in downtown modesto where you can see corporal singh flag draped coffin side by photos and flowers. two members of the honor guard ever since died 11 days ago corporal singh has never been alone. local officers have always been with him and will stay by his side until he's very good was buried gunned down during the caps off hours of celebrating christmas day with his wife and five -month-old son. thirty-three and a veteran of the police department in the newman, will force outside modesto with 12 officers. yesterday thousands attended an honor guard visitation in human and women said been arrested by corporal singh and having that contact with them helped him turn his life around. fellow officers remember him as friendly and dedicated and so appreciative for the opportunity to serve his committee. suspect in the case was arrested on december 28 following an
10:06 am
intense daylong management. seven others arrested for helping him of a capture. he was in the united states illegally and please believe he was trying to flee to native mexico. everyone was back in court on february 7. taking you back live inside the church mourners are hearing from the newman police chief and will also hear from reggie thing who adored his older brother and from the ambassador to the united states. he immigrated to the us from fiji in 2002 and realized his dream of becoming a cop eight years ago. there's an overflow cloud of argument from around the us and canada as you hear those bagpipes play it is heartbreaking and heart-wrenching. also a large contingent from southeast asia and indian officers to represent that community as well. crowds have also begun lining up along the 7-mile procession route because after this memorial service everyone will
10:07 am
caravan and the procession will continue to the cemetery where corporal singh will be laid to rest this afternoon back to you. leland: claudia, modesto california will keep an eye on the services and check back in with you. with that we bring in former washington dc police detective ted williams. we always seem to talk on saturdays such as today but pick up where claudia left off and get to the political and more difficult parts of this conversation but it is fitting how law-enforcement from around the country comes together in times like this. >> yeah, leland. when these kinds of tragic incidents and events take place you find law-enforcement is a family and when we say family we mean law-enforcement officers throughout the country will come and embrace corporal singh and
10:08 am
his family and they will let his family know that he was one of them and that he, corporal singh, did not die in vain. this was a very dedicated young man who immigrated to this country from fiji and wanted to be in law enforcement. when you listen to his chief, chief richardson talking about the last time he saw his man alive it's emotional and chilling. just this morning, leland, i got a chance to talk to a sheriff in louisiana named tony who was telling me emotionally about one of his officers, alan who died also in the line of duty and why i pointed out is because today would've been allen's birthday. these guys serve and protect us and we owe them the honor and respect that corporal singh is
10:09 am
getting today. leland: very fitting. ted williams with us as we monitored the event in modesto, california. gillian, as you look at pictures of corporal ying look at the funeral as well look at the picture you always see him with his police k-9. his dog is sam with the young labrador retriever and ordinarily police dogs when a police officer leaves the police dog goes and has another handler and continues to work but in this case we understand he's been honorably retired from the police department now will go to live with corporal singh wife and a fun. to test point in the words of his earlier he did not want the family to lose another family member. gillian: one of our own makeup artist in the dc bureau at fox news is married to a police officer here in dc who worked in a k-9 unit. they raise together now two dogs that are in the service and i
10:10 am
know they think of them as their family members and loved them dearly. this is all speaks to the degree to which the corporal loved his job. newman to police speaking moment ago that earlier this week that corporal singh not only loved his job but believed fervently in the mission he was carrying out every day and know that k-9 did to. leland: for sure. ted, what you make of how quickly this has been politicized as a case? >> leland, i've covered for over 20 some odd years with fox in these kinds of cases and when i say these cases i mean where a law enforcement officer loses his life in the line of duty but it's only recently when you look at the sanctuary cities that seem to try to protect illegal
10:11 am
aliens and i'm not indicting all illegal aliens but in this instance this was an illegal alien that should not have been on the street and should have been retained and turned over to i.c.e. on a detainer. that did not happen so i'm deeply concerned there are law-enforcement officers who believe in sanctuary cities because they can get illegally aliens to help out in the community when there's a crime but then there are others who believe that they harbor the illegal aliens that come to this country and do harm to people and take a life. leland: ted, were hearing from the control room in terms of what's going on at the funeral will go listen for a second. the chief of the newman police permit.
10:12 am
>> the only cop in history that i know that wrecked into an occupied on accident and took him into custody and then had an occupied 10851 stolen vehicle wrecked into him and got the subject in custody. [laughter] he had a knack for finding the evil. it was it came to him. he found a way to arrest people and put a smile on their face while doing it. i heard stories of people that were not happy with him being arrested and he would play some of his music while he transported them to jail to make them extra happy. it's been a difficult week for all of us at the department. it's been a difficult week for the family. never did i think we'd be standing here.
10:13 am
we are saying goodbye to such a great man. i don't know where we go from here. i know we will move on i know we will find our way. but right now it's difficult. to the family i want you to know i'm sorry. and that i will always be here if you need anything. you guys are my family, too. to my department thank you. and you for standing by me,
10:14 am
supporting me. i love every one of you. ron, i know because it will rain this afternoon you are up there watching over us. you all want us to be what because you loved the water. i'm going to miss the smell of fish coming in early in the morning. had i known christmas morning when i sent him home that it would be the last time i saw him i would hug him. i'm not a hugger and it would have been weird for him, i know, but i would've and hold on.
10:15 am
[laughter] ron, thank you for being the man we all want to be. thank you for being the provider that we all strive to be. thank you for being the police officer, the k-9 officer, the corporal that everybody should strive to be. we will say goodbye today but you will always be in our hearts. and we will take it from here. i love you. leland: the police chief eulogizing his young officer killed in the line of duty in california. we'll be right back with the brother of corporal singh in just a minute.
10:16 am
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10:20 am
be in america but in 2005 he was also very happy and that is when he met his wife. ron and i loved each other but did not share too much information but she came to my room, showed me his pick her picture and said what do you think. when i said she's pretty and he said we are talking and i'm like okay. in 2010 they got married. ron was very happy. some of the stories i like to share about ron after school we used to go swimming.
10:21 am
we would paddle the vote, my friends, ron and i and i was not a good summer and still not a good summer. i was looking at a fish and fell off the vote. ron was a good summer. he tried to pull me out from the water from my hair. [laughter] he pulled me and slipped so he pulled me from my neck into the vote and slapped me and said you can't use that hair gel, it's too slippery. [laughter] a couple years ago my granddad passed away so adding to randy's story about the uniform we had close and ron drove to mexico for vacation and to close. and have the committee out in mexico. he handed them out in the next morning rod wakes up walks on the strip and about 20 people are wearing my granddad's close
10:22 am
including women. [laughter] something else i like to share about ron, two years ago we decided to go fishing and needed a designated driver. ron was not much of a drinker but we decided to take him and he said i will drive because all you will do is by me food and he preferred fish. we cooked salmon for him and took and went out fishing and on our way back he ate too much and slept so we had no designated driver. we had to wait two hours for him to wake up so we could drive back. i'd like to introduce one of ron's close friends. he will talk about ron's career highlights.
10:23 am
>> good morning. ron and i tend the service over here several years ago together, we fact sat in that same column and row right there. i met him in 2008 in the parking lot of the police department when he was a code enforcement officer and i was there following up on the case. we would talk about please work it was clear to me he was committed to becoming a police officer. from police work the topic of our conversation shifted to fishing. we shared a constant connection and became friends. i learned he arrived with his
10:24 am
family in america in 2003 and had a plan for his career path. two years later he became a police volunteer for the modesto police department. anna earned a level three reserve certificate from gray simon original training center. in 2006 he became an animal control officer for the police department and eight months later he transitioned to code enforcement officer. while working as a code enforcement officer he enrolled at a police extended community college where he committed two and half hours each way. he also enrolled at the modesto junior college where he earned a degree in administration of justice in 2009.
10:25 am
clearly he intended to achieve his goal of becoming a police officer. he graduated from the college police academy in 2011 and became a custodial deputy for the county. in july 2011 he achieved his goal and joined the newman police department as a police officer. i still remember the phone call he made to me soon after his conditional job offer. he was very excited and shared his career timeline with me. he told me within seven years he wanted to achieve the rank of sergeant. in 2013 he was appointed to a k-9 officer position and in 2016
10:26 am
he was promoted to corporal. he was delighted with his achievement and deeply felt the newman police department and newman city is where his heart and soul was. invading his career path he enrolled at newman institute and university where he earned a bs degree in administration of justice in 2017. he and i are both immigrants to a country we truly love. and we both view serving our country and communities through law enforcement as important to who we are. it is our way of giving back to a country that embraced us and our families. if you did not notice ron had the american flags and or the
10:27 am
blue line flags hanging above his garage 355 days a year. he was very proud to become a police officer and deeply loyal to his department. that is the kind of person he was. chief richardson, i too, am guilty of trying to recruit him to work for the modesto police department. i even offered to give him my mentoring incentives. like always he insisted on staying with the newman police department. in fact, he even talked about moving to newman one day. i would like to think think the newman police department for giving ron the opportunity to become a police officer. and to be part of the law-enforcement community. i would also extend my
10:28 am
appreciation to the newman community for giving ron the opportunity to serve. on the personal note, he was always smiling and had a great sense of humor. i had the opportunity to visit cambodia with my family in 2012, after the trip i shared with ron a story of me learning to ride a moped. the story must have given him an idea because one day he called and said i want to see you coming over. he showed up at my house writing a moped. [laughter] i could imagine why he would want to buy a moped but there he was showing it off. the moped was still sitting there in his garage one early evening when i drop by his hou
10:29 am
house. ron asked if i wanted to go write a moped with him at a nearby high school parking lot. i was hesitant to ride a moped with ron as it was a one seater. [laughter] secondly, we did not have the proper gear. i was also afraid of getting pulled over. ron smiled and assured me it was big enough for two asian guys. [laughter] he did not drive his motorcycle helmet and asked me to get my bicycle helmet from the trunk of my car. ron insisted on going and before i knew it i was on the back of the moped holding on to ron,
10:30 am
writing over the pedestrian bridge into the world parking lot. then there was orange juice. write a new i did not drink alcohol and he tried to convince me many times in the past and after he returned from a recent trip to fiji he called me up and asked me to come over. i was eager to see him and as i wanted to listen to his newest fishing adventure. ron had great fishing stories. i got to his house and his garage door was open like always when he is home. ron was sitting with two cups of orange juice each filled halfw halfway. he told me he brought orange juice from fiji and asked me to try it. he handed the orange juice and
10:31 am
told me to just down it. [laughter] again, i was hesitant but at the same time i did not want to disrespect his offer, believing he brought orange juice all the way from fiji for me to try. [laughter] so, together we down to the orange juice and instantly i realized it was more than just orange juice. i looked at ron and asked him man, what orange trees do you grow there? [laughter] it turned out ron had mixed orange juice he bought from the save mart and mixed it with some moonshine he brought from fiji. [laughter] to reggie and his parents ron
10:32 am
love you and respected you for being his parents and brother. you provided ron with a strong foundation and morals in which to build his life. to his wife, you were the love of his life. you are his support from which he prospered. because of your love he was a better man, a police officer and a better friend. leland: ron singh of the newman police department was 33 years old. we'll be right back. .. take gas. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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with mattresses by j.d. power. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. gillian: senator elizabeth warren kicking off her tour across iowa today making several stops that the state of
10:37 am
pronouncing she will launch a presidential exploratory committee. peter ducey joined us in des moines. peter, good to see you. reporter: good to see you, gillian. hundreds of people across the state are turning out to see the first 2020 top-tier possibility with an exporter committee. it's massachusetts senator was with warren and she's taking audience questions at these events trying to cast herself as a lot different than the rest of the democrats. >> i never thought i'd run for public office in terms of party politics. all i know is what pulls me into the fight and what pulls me into the fight is that i got a chance as a kid and that chance was because taxpayers invested in public schools. i graduated into an economy that was growing where we were making more and more investment. reporter: warren has hosted
10:38 am
events in council bluffs in sioux city and has stopped in storm lake in des moines on her schedule. for the first time earlier today she was confronted by potential caucus goer about why she decided to release the dna test results proving she is just a fraction native american, something cherokee nation contested the alliance don't determine membership to try. she said today she was trying to put it all out there and she knows tribes determine his member and she also knows she can't stop donald trump from insulting her. while the party of iowa has been paying attention to this and very critically calling warren and east coast liberal and obstructionist and chairman sa says, i'd encourage her to visit iowa often so she can learn what issues really matter and see how role americans live in our thriving under president trumps progrowth economy. warren is attracting sizable enthusiastic crowds but remember she's the only person anyone is interested in the process can go and see later on.
10:39 am
gillian: enqueue. she's putting it all out there. leland. leland: peter ducey in iowa and will see that over a lot over the next couple months. talk radio show host jeff emma we know elizabeth warren is not your pick overall but this more populist, middle-class rust belt message in a place like iowa turning more blue's probably does not play badly. >> no, it does not play badly at all. leland, there are three factions of iowa democrats. there are the middle-class economic democrats what i call the joe biden democrats, yet socialist democrats and they love bernie sanders and then you got a class of democrats like
10:40 am
all the cool kids that are looking for cool kid leader and they are waiting on -. elizabeth comes in behind those three so she's looking to find that middle-class path, the one joe biden in pretty sanders currently occupy. leland: if you look at barack obama's 2008 primary when which now seems to be a foregone conclusion was a huge question and iowa was huge for him. does it still have that potential for someone like elizabeth warren to upstage a beto or rourke or joe biden? >> yes, and iowa what is so unique about the caucus progress is you have to be here and meet with the people and that is exactly what these candidates do. they get here, come here over and over again and answer the same questions like the dna test as peter said over and over again and iowans start to form relationships with the candidates and start to like the candidates and can shift the momentum to a particular candidate so it is smart
10:41 am
elizabeth warren to start the work early here. leland: real quickly, she put a video up on your social media what she said was crowds around the block. neo is hard to watch because it's sped up so fast but that said, brings up an important point. she getting a lot of enthusiasm or as if people testing the waters and showing up because it might be free coffee and donuts? >> well, with happening is you will see the crowds showing up for a lot of candidates and that's an iowa thing. we take betting these candidates very seriously so when thomas steiger gets here as peter ducey was just reporting the big crowds, julian castro will have the crowds we do have you are right, coffee and donuts are good. we prefer breakfast pizza just a big tip to candidates coming into iowa. but we also want to hear what they have to say.
10:42 am
leland: breakfast pizza, that politically. sounds pretty good right about now. we appreciate your insight and glad you're staying warm in iowa. talk to you soon. >> absolutely. leland: all the best, gillian. gillian: vice president pencil meeting with top level congressional staffers along with kristjen nielsen injured custer. as this working group is attempting to negotiate an end to the government's atomic now day 15. joining us from irvine, california is great america pack chairman eric beach. great to see you. we get the president is okay with this potentially going on for weeks or months or years but if we are real here you got the state of the union coming up in three weeks and this is the big moment in the sun, how bad is it for the president if the shutdown is still going on? >> i don't think it's terrible at all. reality is this was number one issue he ran on as candidate trump and number one crisis in america today. he needs to hold his ground.
10:43 am
what he ought to do is look at his message. donald trump got elected because he railed against the machine and ruling class inside washington dc. when he stands his ground don't make a public adverse democrat issue but make it more about what congress has failed to do in the last 30 years and that is to secure our border. behold the ground and set the tone will be all right going through the state of the union. gillian: a lot of americans can agree congress is not always so great at doing its job which is passing legislation people tend to forget that. but do you think there's enough sympathy and goodwill here to get your colleagues republicans through this much longer. if this is a month from now you can tell me washington will not be set up an american people will not be fed up -- >> it depends.
10:44 am
there are things that donald trump can do through the executive order and moving funds around the obama did it in climate change and its missions by 30% to power plants by second quarter. the president simultaneously should look at reallocating funds from the department of agriculture and doing public by the partnerships and start the process. he understands the mere caprices people better than romance or democrats on the hill he'll do. he should start the process and continue to negotiate for other things inside the budget. the reality is that people understand when democrats and some republicans complain about how spending gets done in washington dc there is a hypocrisy and the first time in many years we heard leaders on both sides talk about reeling in spending. gillian: here is i don't want to only give you the bad stuff for the good story for the president is the job numbers. tell us about how the president got here and more portly how he will keep this growth growth up.
10:45 am
>> 312,000 jobs, manufacturing is on the rise and we continue to see that increase. the president is right. when he talks about the so-called trade wars with china he is trying to have a reset when it comes to foreign relations especially when it comes to financial relations with other countries. i think he's trying to get to that point where he understands is putting american interest first especially on financially. we've taken a hit but the fundamentals of the economy are strong and we see talks resuming with china and so i think again the president has set that tone when it comes to the markets and when it comes to main street that others will jump on. i expect great 201,920 contrary to the r word and recession that we thought could take place at the end of 18. gillian: we got to leave it there. thank you for your time today.
10:46 am
we check back in with you soon. >> thank you, gillian. leland: first weekend of the democratic address negotiations continue. are they operating in good faith? >> a wall is an immorality. it's not who we are as a nation. this is not a wall between mexico and the united states that the president is creating here. it's a wall between reality and his constituents. ♪ check out the united explorer card. savin' on this! savin' on this! savin' in here. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. the best simple salad ever?d great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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leland: a fox news alert about two hours after it began the negotiating session this saturday now over. staffs from the top senate and house leadership groups at the old executive office building, vice president was there, jared kushner was there, kiersten nielsen, dhs secretary there as well. white house team now reports they have made the very short walk from eeo be back to the west wing to reconvene and we now wait to hear if there's been any progress made as gillian we are now in week three going into week three of this partial shutdown. gillian: day 15 and counting. negotiations underway but continuing after earlier with the partial shutdown in the new shutdown excuse me, we are
10:51 am
having prompter issues. shutdown is marching into third week democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer left a white house meeting with no deal no indication from the president that it will end anytime soon. it could be far from over. >> we told the president we needed the government open. he resisted. in fact, he said he keep the government closed for a very long period of time, months and even years. >> did you say that? president trump: i did. absolutely i said that. i don't think it will but i'm prepared. gillian: joining us now as democratic campaign consultant fox news contributor doug and david novella. eighteen political panel, gentlemen, welcome. doug, you first. the border wall is present from number one issue, campaign proper issue and supporter wanted and tell me why he became
10:52 am
now. >> not a question of caving but compromising. if we could do a compromise where we get enhanced border security and a wall and fence or whatever plus daca and residents and dreamers that would be great but we can't run our government, gillian. most people understand this based on building a wall which a substantial number of people want but it's by no means a consensus for all americans. it's not how you govern a country. gillian: david, democrats are in top of the president to give a little bit here. would that not be a major betrayal of supporters elected him into office? is a promise that to millions of americans. >> he's willing to take the pressure for some he believes very passionately about. question is do new democratic congressman like max rove and kendra horn and abby and colin
10:53 am
all red, all democrats in districts one by rob begins will they be able to take the pressure as americans don't get their tax returns if the government shutdown and as government contractors and their district continue or start to complain about not being able to go to work, will they take the heat and not the white house is my advice but if you're looking for some -- the president ought to be in iowa and in oklahoma and in texas and in new york and in the congressional district putting pressure on the members of commerce to put pressure on its to give up this farce she's calling a border security a immorality. gillian: yes, doug, it seems like all nancy pelosi has to do now is agree to some number, any number for portable funding and she's dug in her heels and schumer has dug in his heels and they are saying we are not doing
10:54 am
this. reports two weeks ago that the vice president were floating to a half billion dollars and that is a major decline from five and a half. why not just give a little bit here? >> couple of reasons. first, i don't think the democrats have ruled out enhanced border security but they said they're not going to build the wall and rightly or wrongly that is their position. to what they be bent to that rodeo. kim paint on that and they won on him despite winning on the wall and border security. what we need is flexibility on both sides and if we do we could and should open the government and should not hold the government hostage to putting funding only for the wall. from what the president said yesterday there is enough wiggle room on the wall in the fence and the slats enhanced border security to get the government
10:55 am
open and to fund it and to do what all americans want, secure our border. gillian: david are you focused on the three-week mark? three weeks now you got the state of the union and this is the president's premier opportunity to speak to the nation and isn't going to be a drag if you try to convince millions of americans that he can leave the country forward if you can't keep the lights on? >> every speech the president makes is an opportunity to define what is trying to take the country but let's talk doug flexibility. can you get democrat leaders to be flexible and let's give $5 billion to the experts at the homeland security department and let them decide how best to use this $5 billion and if it's 4,000,000,040 wall and a billion for infrared screens, great. if it's too billion for the wall and 2 billion for enhanced patrols let's do that. let's have a compromise of let's
10:56 am
take by billion dollars for border security and let the experts decide what to do with it. gillian: motto and mantra for 2019 is flexibility on both sides. thanks as always for your time. will check back in with you soon and happy new year. >> same to you, gillian. leland: basalt more than congress and the president. gillian: the two of them could -. leland: negotiations continue over the weekend and house of representatives is out in the president in his staff convened at camp david tomorrow. they will look ahead to the next two years i had of reelection and we will be back here tomorrow. gillian: we will be here. leland: in the meantime, we got you covered from new york, eric and laura ingle, take away. (♪ )
10:57 am
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eric: well, the partial government shutdown is now passing the two week mark. in that meeting with vice president mike pence and other senior trump administration officials and congressional staffers, well, as you can see they're leaving the old executive office building. there's jared with kushner right in the middle behind the vice president, and that meeting broke up with no end to the closure in sight. hello, everyone, and welcome to a brand new hour of "america's news headquarters," i'm eric shawn. laura: and i'm laura ingle. today's meeting coming after yesterday's white house meeting between president trump and congressional leaders ended in a stalemate with both president trump and democrats refusing to give ground. during a news conference in the rose garden after the


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